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Reboot Your Organization for Growth

Many organizations are struggling to grow and survive! 

What could be the reasons?

Go back in the timeline and ask some fundamental questions.

1. Did you configure it for small beginning?

2. Did you select parameters which were suitable for small firms?

3. Did you build culture, value, leadership mindset and processes for small?

If your answers to these questions are 'Yes', then probably you got your answer to your key question? 

If you still couldn't find your answer, let me clarify it further.

Building organizations are pretty similar to setting your laptop/desktop/ platform. If you set up all your configuration as per your current requirement, you will be very soon struggling with your laptop/desktop/platform. You will be wondering why it's not able to handle your growing requirements. 

The seed of a large organization is sown at the time when you started building it. Choices you make at that time can't be reversed in time. some of those choices are like configuring DNA. These choices may sound and look trivial and you may be tempted to think that you can change it at a later date. However, You can't change these simple-looking fundamental choices at a later date.

Five parameters need to be conceptualized and rooted at the beginning as per your growth vision; if not done well your organization will face regular transformation requirements in future. That may be very painful and we all know that less than 10-15% of transformation projects succeed.

If you are a startup or at the initial stage of your growth journey revisit some of your organizational configurations. Some of these early-stage decisions will set you up for exponential growth.

The Seven key configurations which need to be configured for the future are:

1. People philosophy

2. Long Term Vision

3. Level of Customer centricity and interfaces

4. Societal engagement

5. Organizational Design/Technology Roadmap and Blueprints

If you are facing pangs/problems of growth and looking out for help with fixing these for long term growth, our organizational experts can come and help you fix some of these issues and help you redesign your organizational DNA in line with your growth vision. Our organizational experts can help you reboot your organization for growth.

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