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Mindstream Consulting: An Idea is seeded

Every Global Crisis has given rise to firms which have gone ahead to change the game.

A Business Consulting Firm with a broad vision of servicing multiple domains, functions, and geographies takes root in India. This Monsoon, that seed is planted. Industry experts, Academic Leaders, Investors, and Individuals are coming together to form a collaborative global network, who believe that:

1. Organizations will no longer be hierarchical,

2. We will need new principles to define Work. FW Taylor's approaches will no longer explain it,

3. Most of existing organizational structures will collapse despite traditional CXOs at times trying there best to retain all jobs inside organizations,

4. Gig Economy is new normal, and

5. Future of Work will be powered by Digitalization, AI, and artificial Humanoids.

We are directly staring in the eyes of a new Economics which will shape Modern Organizations.

Thankfully COVID fast-tracked all resistance which existing organizational power structures could have offered, and they were left with no other option than to adopt digital. Leaders who swear by traditional human interactions and interfaces in the supply chain started championing digital, AI, blockchain, and robotics. 

Mindstream Consulting represents the New Normal. Its solutions underpin digital transformation, future of Work, and a gig talent market.

We are looking forward to creating a global footprint with the community of partners across domain and functions. We aim to create a world-class research output.

We believe in the power of Collaboration. We are aiming to create a collaborative and agile network of professionals who believes that Work can be done from any place.

This will be supported by the community of tech, analytic, and research partner network who will help our experts guide organizations and governments on a real-time basis.

This post is also a call to all such visionary, passionate, and transformative individuals who believe in below five:

1. Organizations, as we know, is going through its last phases, and newer structures are going to emerge

2. Who believes in simplifying the complex

3. Visualizing the unknown

4. Navigating the unchartered

5. Beyond all Simplifying Human Life

What will you get in this journey?

It will be characterized by:

- Joy of creation

- The thrill of a Journey through an unknown path

- The patience of a Monk and

- Perseverance of a Mother

- The satisfaction of creating a legacy

If this excites you write to

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