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Jan 18, 2024 - Jan 20, 2024

Certified Performance Management Professional

  • 3Days
  • 2Steps


Learning Objective: - Gain a comprehensive understanding of Performance Management, its evolution, and best practices for implementing and managing effective Performance Management systems. - Learn how to set SMART goals and objectives, develop key performance indicators (KPIs), and align individual and team goals with organizational objectives using leading practices such as MBO, OKR, Balanced Score Card, X-Matrix, and others. - Gain insights into new and emerging Performance Management practices and their advantages and limitations. - Develop skills in collecting and analyzing performance data, identifying trends and patterns, and developing action plans to address performance gaps. - Develop skills in conducting effective performance appraisals, providing constructive feedback and coaching, and identifying training and development needs. - Develop skills in using various digital tools for enhancing Performance Management practices. Commercials: The course fee is 42000 per participant plus GST. This fee includes Course Fee and Single Accomodation on Campus Book Your seat for this comprehensive and practical 3-day on-campus program on Certified Performance Management Professionals and take your organization's Performance Management practices to the next level using leading practices such as MBO, OKR, Balanced Score Card, X-Matrix and many more new practices. Please write to, to enroll.

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